How to Write an Informative Restaurant Review

By Adriana Noton

Writing a restaurant review is a fun way to share your thoughts and impressions about your dining experience. To write an informative review, you need to have knowledge about what key points you should include in your review. Not only is properly describing the food important, but you must have an understanding about the details of the restaurant. Once you have knowledge of the essential points to include, you then can present a well structured and organized restaurant review.

The following are a number of helpful tips to help you write a restaurant review:

1. Before you write a restaurant review, it is important to know how to structure the review. Make sure you are very descriptive and detailed. It is a personal review so emphasize your own writing style. Write complete sentences and use plenty of descriptive words and phrases. Write it in chronological order that includes from the moment you enter the restaurant to when you pay the bill and leave. Describe the restaurant in the present tense and in the second person. Using your own personality will help make the review unique.

2. Pick a restaurant you want to review. For example, you might choose Restaurants in Montreal. Or it might not even be a restaurant - it could be a cafe shop in Montreal. You want to make sure that there will be food that you like. When you enter the dining establishment, note such details as the interior appearance that includes the arrangement of tables, furnishings, decorations, colors, lighting, and the cleanliness of the restaurant. Make sure you check out the condition of the bathrooms. As well, make a note of the friendliest of the staff, how long you have to wait to be seated and its location, and if the hostess asks if you would like a beverage. When you are seated, make a note of the atmosphere of the restaurant. Is it friendly, extremely busy and loud, or relaxing?

3. Once you receive a menu, note the variety of meal choices, prices, any unique dishes, and if there are any healthy meal options. You should have an appetizer, entre, and dessert to get the full dining experience. When you receive the meal, note if the food is cooked properly. Does it have a distinctive taste such as spicy or sweet? What is the portion size? When you make your meal selection, make sure it something you normally enjoy eating, As well, note how you are treated by the servers. Are they friendly, well dressed, courteous, knowledgeable about the food and specials, and attentive? Make a note of the meal's presentation, taste, smell, and if it is hot or cold. Make sure that you use descriptive and creative words. Suggest who may enjoy the food such as families or people who enjoy fine dining dishes. As well, note how long it takes to receive your bill.

When making your recommendation, make sure you have made a note of anything you disliked about the restaurant and the total cost of the meal and if you received good value for your money. When ending the review, make a statement about whether or not you would return. Writing a restaurant is more than just reviewing the food. By understanding the key elements that should be included in the review, you will have a fun restaurant review experience and hopefully provide valuable consumer information. - 30543

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What Are Espresso Coffee Cups?

By Wenona Crudd

Espresso coffee cups aren't really coffee cups at all. In reality, they're more like coffee shot glasses, which makes sense considering they're not meant to hold coffee, but espresso. Although they do look like tiny coffee cups, your average coffee drinker would probably become quite irritated trying to get their buzz from a container so tiny. After all, don't most people drink coffee in order to feel energized without the need for sleep?

Differences Between Espresso Coffee Cups And Other Coffee Cups

Espresso coffee cups are much smaller than your standard coffee cup. Although there doesn't seem to be any set standard that espresso coffee cups follow as far as size. In fact, espresso coffee cups are often mixed in with cappuccino cups, latte cups, and other coffee cup type things, with only the manufacturer labels separating them. All of these cups have one thing in common: they all come with little matching saucers.

Why Espresso Coffee Cups Are So Tiny

The reason that espresso coffee cups are so very small in comparison to normal coffee cups is because the espresso that they are intended to hold is a lot stronger than normal coffee. As a matter of fact, espresso generally has about three times as much caffeine as normal coffee. Since how much caffeine is in any cup of coffee is highly dependent on the bean and the manner of grinding, this is just an estimate. If you try various brands and coffee blends, including espresso, you're sure to get different results from each one.

How Is Espresso Different Than Normal Coffee

Espresso is a type of coffee, but the difference isn't in the bean so much as the preparation. The biggest difference between regular coffee and espresso is density. To make espresso, a machine forces highly pressurized water through very fine coffee grounds, creating a denser, stronger coffee than normal. The result is almost like a coffee syrup and, when you experience it, it becomes very obvious why one would not want to drink a standard coffee cup of the stuff at once.

Can One Cup Coffee Makers Make Espresso?

Although there are some facsimiles, one cup coffee makers can't really make true espresso. Espresso requires a lot of water pressure, and a one cup coffee maker isn't really designed for that. An espresso coffee pod will generally fit just fine, it just won't come out quite right. With K-Cups coffee, you can purchase blends that are labeled as espresso and are stronger than most. Although these solutions will produce stronger coffee, they're not really worth getting the espresso coffee cups out since you'll probably still want a regular coffee cup worth of the stuff. ESE coffee pods, ironically, usually don't work all that well with 1 cup coffee makers, preferring espresso machines with adapters instead. - 30543

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How Do You Tone Arms When Constantly Eating Out?

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

Trying to tone arms and eating out don't mix because your arm fat loves restaurant food. In fact, it grows to ever expanding proportions with restaurant food.

This happens because a restaurant's main goal is to stuff you with so much tasty food that you are compelled to come back for more again and again. And the tasty food usually has the most calories.

Partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are a perfect example here. Found in so many restaurant items, Harvard researchers have proven that they're lethal.

However, you should NOT eliminate all restaurant eating. In fact, you should go out every once in a while and control what you eat. After all, eating out forms a large part of how we socialize. Thus, here are 4 rapid-fire tips on how to tone arms when dining out:

1. Eat lean protein. Most protein in restaurants is laden with fat. Stay clear of beef, lamb and pork. And don't even think about the hot dogs or ribs-they have the most fat of all! Instead, try to have some poultry or tofu. Ask the waiter if they have any grass fed beef.

2. Watch out for all the refined carbs. I know that moist and hot loaf of bread screams "eat me", but we have more serious things to attend to. Instead, either ask that the bread not be brought out or have a salad before it arrives.

3. Avoid calorie bomb salads. All that dressing and cheese can make your salad an arm-toning nightmare. Some of the most unhealthy salads can easily reach the 1000 calorie mark. So only have one tablespoon of cheese and make sure the dressing is on the side.

4. Don't eat the whole meal. Instead, only have half of it or share it with someone. A SINGLE meal at a restaurant can have a whole days worth of calories. Now another strategy is to ask for a to-go box before the meal arrives. Once it does, put half of it in the box without thinking.

Having said all of this, note that if you rarely eat at restaurants, the occasional splurge will not have a significant impact on your mission to tone arms. If, however, you eat at restaurants more than once per week, then you should definitely apply these tips!

And the key here is application because information that is not applied quickly will be forgotten. So make sure you take action on this information today, not tomorrow! - 30543

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Used Catering Equipment - What You Should Know

By Jonathon Klyverts

Anyone who is running a catering business needs to make sure that they find different ways to reduce costs. There are many different ways to help lower your costs effectively. One particular cost that can be easily lower is the equipment. If you purchase second hand catering equipment you can reduce these costs significantly.

Companies that are able to purchase second hand equipment are able to save up to 50-70% off their equipment purchases. This is a huge amount when it comes to a company's bottom line. Making a decision to buy used catering will ensure that you are able to save a significant amount of money every month.

When it comes to catering equipment, you have many different kinds of equipment that you use. It is important to ensure that you look at the different equipment that you will have to replace. Finding a good supplier will make your life a lot easier when it comes to different equipment.

If you are looking to buy used equipment you need to make sure that you do your research beforehand. There are many different suppliers that are available for people who are looking to buy equipment. It is important that you find a supplier that can work with you to get the best price available.

You will need to decide if you will be buying equipment that is retail or wholesale. If you are going to be looking at wholesale equipment you should know that you will need to buy a large amount. This can help you get the equipment that you need.

You will need to make a list of the different pieces of equipment that you will need before making your purchase. This will ensure that they whole process goes smoothly. Make sure that you buy from one supplier in order to avoid hassles later on in life.

Given the use of the internet, catering equipment has become quite easy to buy. You need to make sure that you do a comprehensive search and find different suppliers that can offer you good prices on your equipment. This will ensure that you are able to get the supplies that you need.

After you have place your order with the supplier you will then have to wait for the equipment to be delivered to you. In order to save money on your equipment it is important to find a supplier who offers competitive rates to smaller companies. - 30543

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Proper Etiquette For Waiters In Restaurants

By Adriana Noton

Perfectly good dining experiences at restaurants can be ruined by a few ill thought out actions by waiters. Some things should always be done by servers and some should never be done. To most diners, these things seem obvious. But to a lot of waiters they go by the wayside. Here are a few basics that every waiter should know.

For starters, don't hang around the guests while they are eating. Shortly after their food has been served, you should pop over and make sure they are satisfied with everything. Then leave them alone to enjoy their meals. Scan the room frequently to see if any of your patrons are trying to get your attention.

Also, don't pressure them into making a decision about ordering if they are not ready. If they say that they need a few minutes, actually give them a few minutes before you come back. Don't come back in 1 minute with pen in hand. If they are not sure what they want, don't roll your eyes or otherwise express annoyance. It really shouldn't matter to you how long it takes them to order anyway.

If the restaurant customer has a complaint, ALWAYS say you are sorry. Even if you are not. Do not blame them or make excuses. Apologize and tell them that you will find a way to solve the problem. If there is nothing you can do for them about their particular concern, find somebody who can.

One of the most overlooked pieces of waiter etiquette is the removal of dishes after the meal. Many waiters make it seem as though there is a plate shortage in the kitchen. Before a patron has the chance to swallow their last bit of food, the waiter is appearing asking if he may take away her dishes. This is rude and very off-putting. If customers want their plates removed, they will set them to the side or ask you to come get them.

One more note on clearing away the dishes. Under no circumstances should you remove one person's plate if another person at the table is still eating. It is stunning how many waiters do this. For one thing, it can make the person still eating feel uncomfortable and that he or she should stop. It is like you are setting the pace for their meal. That is not your job.

Some other basics in don'ts are: don't shout. Don't point at a customer. Never touch a customer or any of their personal belongings. No gum chewing, fidgeting with your hair, arguing with other waiters within earshot of people eating and no cigarette smoking in sight of them. Do not yawn or act bored or tell the customers that you can't wait until 9pm when you can go home. They don't need to feel as though waiting on them is unpleasant for you. And seriously, don't solicit tips or count them in front of the guests.

As for the dos: do be well groomed at all times. Dress nicely and make sure your shirt is tucked in and tie is straight. Always be polite and give the guests a smile. Thank them for dining at your establishment and say it so that it seems like you mean it. Even if you don't. - 30543

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Establishing If A One Cup Coffee Maker Is The Proper Decision For Your Home Or Office

By Oprah Menfree

Let's assume for a moment that you don't have a coffee maker at all. With one cup coffee makers being almost as prevalent as traditional ones, and the prices not all that different, you'd be faced with a decision. Should you buy a one cup coffee maker, or a traditional one? Here are some points to consider when making that decision, along with the pros and cons of each type.

Coffee In The Office

In an office, it's generally assumed that a traditional brewer is going to outperform any one cup coffee maker. One can easily imagine a long line at the coffee maker early every morning. You can see where a one cup coffee maker actually might make some sense, though, if you consider how people generally drink their coffee as the day. Not everyone comes in and pours whatever happens to be in the company pot into their coffee cup, or disposable coffee cups. There are plenty of picky coffee people who will dump anything that they consider stale without a second thought. With these finicky types, a one cup coffee maker can prevent a lot of waste since the coffee is made on demand only.

The Freshness Factor

With a traditional coffee maker, the coffee is only at its freshest when the bag is just opened. This is where a 1 cup coffee maker really shines. Opening one pod won't affect the freshness of the other coffee pods since they're all wrapped individually. You can store about as many as you like, since they are vacuum sealed with lengthy expiration dates. The one cup coffee maker even wins in the office unless your workplace chews through an entire package of coffee every day. At home, the advantage in freshness is even more clear, especially if you go through coffee slowly.

Options When You Want Them

Sometimes you really, really want a specialty coffee of some sort, but can't afford to buy it from a shop, and don't have the time to drive to one anyway. One cup coffee makers win this one, too, T-Discs and K-Cups coffee especially. Both systems can make a single cup of specialty coffee, some even with layers, just by using them as you would any other time. This can save you a ton of time at home, as well as money if you often like different coffees. At work, one cup coffee makers give the option to all of the employees without sending them to coffee shops or far away machines.

The Money Factor

Most people still think that one cup coffee makers are still a whole lot more expensive than traditional brewers, but that's not necessarily so. At work, they'll probably cost more, this is true, but sometimes it's worth it in the long run. At home, on the other hand, there may not be much of a difference in price, and if you often go to coffee shops, you might end up saving a bunch. Of course, comparing them using your own personal situation is the only real way to know which makes sense for you. - 30543

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Romantic Valentines Day Restaurants in Tampa

By Anne J. Michaels

Valentine's Day is a great opportunity to create a memorable evening. Valentine's flowers and a romantic dinner in a unique setting will set the mood. You might take in a show, or do a little dancing, maybe take a walk on a moonlit beach. Then follow your heart. It will be an evening they remember for years. Here is a great selection of Tampa's best romantic restaurants.

Comfortable elegance is a phrase that fits the Capital Grille perfectly. Add intimacy to the equation and you have the perfect location for a romantic and memorable Valentine's Day dinner. The dark wood, the rich leather and the intimate lighting combine to create an ambiance made for romance. They also offer an impressive menu that includes dry-aged steaks and fresh seafood. To top it off, their service is amazing. Did I mention their extensive wine list? The Capital Grille is located in the International Mall, off Westshore, in Tampa.

Armanis is an excellent choice for those who enjoy Northern Italian Cuisine with a view. Armanis is located on the 14th floor of Tampa Bay's Grand Hyatt Hotel, near Tampa International Airport. The location offers a panoramic view of Tampa Bay, an outstanding Northern Italian menu, a wonderful antipasto bar, and an outdoor patio to soak in the view. Did I mention decadent desserts? Armanis has created a perfect recipe for a romantic, and memorable, Valentine's Day dinner.

SideBerns is a progressive offshoot of the legendary Bern's Steak House. And it's a perfect choice for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner. The menu celebrates fresh Mediterranean cuisine and gives it a cosmopolitan twist. The flavors of France, Italy, Spain and North Africa merge with seasonal influences to create a spectacular menu. Sideberns is located on Morrison just off Howard Ave, not far from the original Bern's Steak House.

If your perfect Valentine's Day dinner includes a spectacular view, you should consider CK's The View. Would you believe a rotating rooftop restaurant? Located at the top of the Tampa Airport Mariott, It offers an unparalleled view of Tampa Bay and Tampa International Airport. CK's also offers a superb menu including fresh seafood, certified Angus steaks and sushi. Live contemporary jazz, an excellent cocktail bar and wonderful service offer even more reasons to have your romantic dinner at CK's.

The Rusty Pelican, located off the Courtney Campbell Causeway in the Rocky Point District, offers a delicious American cuisine specializing in fresh seafood and steaks. It also offers not one but four warm fireplaces. Tampa can be chilly on Valentine's Day. Because the restaurant is directly on Old Tampa Bay, it also offers spectacular views and amazing sunsets. The combination of great views, great food and 4 fireplaces makes the Rusty Pelican a top choice for a romantic dinner.

In addition to these fine restaurants, there are many additional ways to extend the Valentine's Day evening. You might choose to sip a luxurious cocktail and simply enjoy each others company. You might want to enjoy a little dancing, or walk on a moonlit beach or take in a show. Whatever other options you choose, make sure you make reservations early, and don't forget the Valentine's flowers. - 30543

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